AR: Vuforia Image Replacement

 Jun 15, 2018 - Game, Software

Augmented Reality

Vuforia Object Tracking & Replacement

A quick project that tracks objects and replaces them with playable videos.


A quick project in which I wanted to explore the world of Augmented Reality. I have done so in the past when working on a physical board game, in which I tracked cards and accessed a database to display player statistics in real time – and then showed a model of the character being played. In this project, I wanted to explore how I could easily track objects now that Vuforia is implemented into the Unity3D engine itself. I wanted to create an app that gives an overview of textbooks through video, when the cover is scanned.


Process and Implementation

Now that Vuforia is integrated into Unity3D as a package, there are no difficult steps in setting it up. You merely need to access the package and make sure that it is imported. Some settings, such as a description for the iOS camera access, must be set (for things like showing permissions on the App Store).


Next, using a Vuforia database, we add our targets online.


A “4 star” rating is actually quite good for tracking purposes, to get a better look at what we will be working with we can also look at the features that Vuforia has detected.




Thanks to the combination of text and unique imagery, we are able to create a strong database entry. This database is now available for download as a Unity Package and extremely easy to import into the engine.


After enabling the custom database in the Vuforia Configuration, we are able to add the image as a vuforia-image within engine world-space.


Final Outcome

Quickly and easily, I was able to implement a new tracked object that smoothly plays video and audio.

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