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Remembrance explores the shattered memories of an anguished father. Follow his woeful journey as you piece together his story.


Remembrance seeks to tell the tale of a father who, after experiencing loss, travels in a downward spiral of grief.

Open to the interpretation of players, the game design will mold a story that follows a set idea but allows personalisation. From cinematic moments to quiet pondering, the player will have opportunities to explore profound thoughts – with the possibility of the game becoming a tool to assist users suffering from mental health issues that are parallel to the game.


13 weeks with 12 hours a week were spent developing Remembrance as a student capstone project. We’d never worked in 3D properly before so it was a steep learning curve. The project was completed using an AGILE / SCRUM environment, meeting all milestone deadlines and requirements.




Creative Director / Project Lead

During this project, I served as creative director. The base design of Remembrance was my brainchild, having decided to try and cover deeper and more powerful subjects than my previous work.
As project lead, I kept an overview of all resources in the project. From the Producer, 3D modelers, Game Designers, Film Collaborators and more, I kept an eye on each department to make sure all sections worked towards a common goal. Working closely with all members of the group, I was able to keep a close connection between all elements of the game, while maintaining a professional approach to our pipelines as a studio. Further work, alongside our Film collaborator Sacha Lamont, was taken with psychologist and grief counselors to approach the game content with respect and professional insight.

Lead Programmer

I was also programming lead for this project. I worked with the other programmers to create a modular, pragmatic and efficient systems. Each applicable system to be used by game designers was created to be modular, with all customisation available in Unity inspector Рkeeping the back end clean and save them reading the code. As necessary, tools were created and implemented according to team member needs (such as Post Processing for film collaboration, easy PBR material manipulation, AudioToVisual and more).

It also fell upon my shoulders to create the majority of the code for the game, or at least the archetype to which the rest of the group could build on.


During this project I worked on the following scripts/areas:


Shader Effect – Visual Noise based on Heartbeat Audio

Object Interaction

Post Processing

House Controller

HouseController – Switching between normal and desolate versions.



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