Foam Fencing

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 Aug 09, 2017 - Game

“Foam Fencing”


A hardware project in which I was to create an alternative controller game. Using Arduinos, we created a fencing game in which enemy sword hits are detected.



Over 6 weeks we completed the hardware build and code implementation of our game. I was required to solder over 40 circuits to two Arduinos, then connect these hardware elements to C++ code in the Arduino IDE.

The Code

The original code had critical hit areas, allowing for each body part to give similar damage to a player. This version has been simplified to be more akin to actual fencing and therefore easier to understand.


Final Result

We were able to get the electronics working and detecting player hits as originally intended. Players were able to move freely while attacking and defending. At a health of 0, a reset button was available to start a new game.


A Passion For The Gaming Industry.

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